Random Thoughts #135 - the "spring forward" edition

Greetings and welcome to the latest edition of DJ's Random Thoughts.  It's been a very cold month since the last edition and I'm praying like crazy for the good warm weather to get here soon because I'm sick of the deep freeze.  I've got a few things I want to get to in this edition so let's get to it.  Enjoy.

 -  The reason for the subtitle is that on this upcoming Sunday (at least in the U.S.) Daylight Savings Time strikes again!  This time as around every spring, the 2 AM hour is skipped over entirely and we will go from 1:59 AM straight to 3 AM, "losing" an hour in the process which we'll get back in the fall.  That means one less hour of sleep or partying or whatever.  I hope everybody's ready for the time change.

 -  In the last month or so on the weekends, I've been going dancing at the Red Fox in Cuyahoga Falls.  Over the past couple of weeks in particular, it's been pretty crazy and wild up there...and really fun to boot.  I know there are many of you who haven't seen me dance in a long time (if at all), but I'm telling you...I've been having the most fun going out and dancing in the club with my friends since way back in 1991-92 at the old Ohio State South Campus bars, at Park Alley/High Energy specifically (hey, Tommy D...hope you're not too old to remember those days!).  The Red Fox is the place I've been going to the most but I'm open to going elsewhere too if it's not too far out of the way, but I invite any of my friends who want to see me to come on up to the Red Fox or wherever I might be and have some fun with me if you get the chance.

 -  Speaking of the clubs, I don't want to forget the Corporation Reunion taking place on May 17th at the Schrock Tavern in Columbus.  For those of you who are in the Corporation or associated with it, this is the first time in years that we're getting together.  If you want to RSVP for this, here is the Facebook event page to check out and get more details:  The Corporation Reunion, May 17, 2014, Schrock Tavern, Columbus OH - Facebook event page.  I'm going to be down in Columbus that weekend (the plan is from Friday to Monday) so I can at least go to the reunion and also visit my alma mater Ohio State, but if anybody wants to hang out while I'm down there outside of that I'm game especially since I haven't seen many of you in years.  Just let me know before I get down there so I can adjust whatever schedule I have accordingly.  I know it's still two and a half months off, but I want to keep promoting it so that people from outside the area who might want to come to the reunion can have enough lead time to make plans to do so.  A couple of people have asked why we are doing the reunion that particular weekend.  Well, the weekend before is the NFL Draft (it's now permanently pushed back to the 2nd weekend of May) and the weekend after is Memorial Day weekend.  A lot of people seem to be having stuff going on before and after those dates already so that particular weekend ended up the only one realistically available for it to happen.  Just a quick note before I move on...in the next few editions leading up to the reunion, I will be posting a blurb about it and promoting it to keep it fresh and hopefully generate some more excitement about the event.

 -  In the last edition I may have been a little hasty in saying the Cleveland Cavaliers were in a downward spiral.  After they fired their GM, they went on to win six in a row and have a pretty decent February.  They have a rough road ahead in March but things are looking up for the first time in a while.

 -  I'm not sure I'm going to fill out a bracket for the NCAA Basketball Tournament this year.  There are too many teams having up and down seasons and it might be more of a crapshoot trying to figure out who will win at all much less win the whole thing.  I'll probably play it by ear whether I do so or not.

 -  One more basketball-related item...there is a national minor/developmental league starting play this month called the Central Basketball Association.  The reason I bring this up is that suppposedly starting next year there will be a team based in Columbus.  I don't have many details about this yet but just in case this league takes off I thought my friends in Columbus might be interested in it.  Here are a couple of articles published locally about this new CBA league:  the Akron Beacon Journal article & the NBC 4 Columbus article (this one includes video)

 -  Last month the Cleveland Browns fired two of the most controversial hires in the history of the franchise:  their CEO Joe Banner and the GM Mike Lombardi.  I think my reaction to this firing as well as those of many other Browns fans is probably best summed up in a video my friend George created after it happened:

 -  I haven't talked much about local pro wrestling stuff as of late because there hasn't really been that much and with MCW and now PRIME Wrestling (formerly PWO) closed down I'm not sure there will be much on the horizon.  However, I do know of an upcoming wrestling show that a couple of my friends who are wrestlers are going to be involved in.  It is a show from Mid-Ohio Wrestling taking place on March 22nd in Akron at someplace called the Tadmor Shrine Center near the South Arlington exit off of I-77 (I believe the first exit that's south of State Route 224).  The actual address is "3000 Krebs Ave, Akron, OH 44319" so you might want to look it up on Google Maps or Mapquest or something to actually find the place.  For those of you in the Akron area looking for some wrestling to watch, there will be some here on the 22nd.  Tickets are $10 at the door.  Here's a link to a flyer with info about the card:  MOW show - Indymessageboard.com.

 -  Song on Repeat:  "I Never Even Told You" by Tia Carrere.  Yes, the same Tia Carrere that was in the Wayne's World movies...who knew she was a singer and a good one at that.  This particular song was featured in the animated movie "Batman:  Mask of the Phantasm" during the end credits.  The reason this song is on repeat is due to a post I put up on Facebook on my personal profile.  I put this particular post up on Valentine's Day opening my heart up about a woman I've been crazy about ever since I met her and my hopes for maybe one day being with her, showing how I felt about her and how she's already changed my life just by coming into my life when she did.  I don't know if anything will ever come of it but at least people who know me now know where the focus of my heart is and has been for some time now.  For some reason this song reminds me of my feelings for her.

 -  Shoutouts:  Melissa, Marcus D., Kristin, Cheryl, Aunt Sue, Mary S., Micah, Kevin, Brandon, Margie, Fran, Stephen, Michelle W., Griff, Holly, Dave M., Mindy, Jenny K., Zach (Christian), Maggie, Cory, Daryl, Stan, Courtney, Anna, Jamie, Alan, Sean, Jennifer K., Marcus W., Dani, Jay, Patrick M., and April K.

That's it for this edition.  My birthday is coming up in a little over a month and I'll talk about what I'm planning for that in the next edition...which obviously will be coming before that day since doing so afterwards would be rather problematic if I want people to celebrate with me.  In any case, I bid you all adieu for now.  Until next time, folks.  Take care and God Bless.